Laptop Tower Repair and Maintenance

Broken LCD screen? Loose power jack? Getting a blue screen of death? Your PC is running slow? Overheating?

Price: $ 19,99

Apple Mac Repair and Maintenance

Keyboard not responding? MacBook Pro running slow? Got the annoying Mackeeper? Want to install Firefox?

Price: $ 19,99

iPhone Component Repair and Upgrade

Got a broken Screen? Battery not holding a charge? Broken charging port? Mic not working? No sound? Audio Jack?

Price: $ 19,99

Virus Rootkit Trojan Spyware Removal

Getting lots of pop ups? Slow booting? Web browser taking you some where else? Fake emails? Too many toolbars

Price: $ 19,99

Data Recovery & Back-Up Options

Do you have a back-up drive? Getting the Click-Of-Death? Data Loss Prevention tips Back-Up configuration

Price: $ 19,99

On-Site Computer Repair House Calls

Need a repair right away? Call us and a technician will fix your computer problems and no time Call today!!!

Price: $ 19,99

Networking Routers Remote Desktop

Wireless connection too slow? Need a wireless printer set up? Need to access your work or home PC?

Price: $ 19,99

Repair Reuse & Recycle Center

Have a old computer? We'll recycle your old computer equipment. Sometimes even pay cash or In-store credit

Price: $ 20